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It’s Hueco time again

The expiration of Daylight Savings typically marks when we begin our Hueco rampaging. Even though we’re on Arizona Time (and thus don’t observe Daylight Savings) we are well aware of it’s yearly cycle since it steals an hour from us when we head to Hueco during the warmer months. We have a funny story about this. Our first season at Hueco back in the spring of 2004 we were clueless as to when Daylight Savings started. We had forgotten about it completely, cause well, it didn’t affect us in AZ. And this was back in the day when we didn’t carry our silly cell phones around with us wherever we went (which are now our helpful reminders). Out on North Mountain one late afternoon, we let the hours tick by and stayed in the Martini Roof right up until park closing time, 6pm. Our mistake was that it was 6pm Tucson-time, meaning it was 7PM EL PASO-TIME!!! Needless to say we got a stern talking to the next morning by the park rangers. In our naivety we even argued about it! And then some Tucson friends arrived later that morning and clued us in that the time switch had happened. Whoops. One lets a mistake like that happen only once. haha.

So here we are. The season is ON! Hueco season obsessions commence!!!

Kicking the season off with a new climb. Denizen, v5

Notice the pool shoes on the kids feet. I guess it was our excitement in our first trip back that made us forget one crucial piece of gear: the kids’ street shoes!! We literally had nothing for their feet. $9.99 pool shoes at Target was all I could stomach to spend to get us out of that pickle. For them it was a treat of course. Grrrr.

Paul on a repeat of the four-star Jingus Bells, v5

Precarious pad stacking to work the upper moves of Two Days with Gene, v11. Don’t try this at home kids.

Paul’s birthday! A homemade, not burnt “van pizza”

Is that a tornado I see over the campground bathroom? Hmmmm.

This cracks me up. Rather than putting their climbing shoes on and actually climbing with us, the kids much prefer to “play” climbing. Using bungee cords (that we use to lash pads together so we can carry more than one), they rig up and yell climbing commands at one another, “on belay!” “up slack!” “off belay!”, while scaling some random piece of rock. And yes there is a beautiful rainbow in the background. Is this not a climber mama’s most perfect portrayal of happiness?! 🙂

Up high on West Mountain. Should we stay…

or should we go?

Stay! So Paul can bang out Natural Disaster, v10. Which he did.

Looking for animal tracks in the mud

Back to camp

The kids “cooking up” a “five course meal” in their “ovens”

Paul’s Hueco season obsession: Crown of Aragorn, v13

As for me, I’m posting these photos of me on The Bathtub, v9 because i think they’re rad..or perhaps I’m just secretly diggin’ my green pants. Anyway, I SO WANT to report that this is my Hueco season obsession. But I need one more day on it to suss out the moves a little more before I can decide if it’s possible. It’s very burly. And very long. Two things I’m usually not good at.

The good news is that I had tried this climb back in the spring and couldn’t do the moves you see me doing here in these two photos. Yeah summer training. 🙂 More later… I hope!

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