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Summer Roadtrip: Coopers Rock, West Virginia

A couple days drive east takes us to our next destination, Coopers Rock in West Virginia. Coopers is a place that we climbed at often back when we lived in Pittsburgh. Paul LEARNED how to climb at Coopers! Neither of us had been here since we moved out west, 13 years ago. It was quite a treat checking out our old stompin’ grounds and showing the kids around. We met up with our long-time climbing buddies that still live in the east, making it all the more special. And even the weather cooperated with dry, mild days! A good time was had by all.

Paul on the v5 start of Roof Problem

Jen’s turn

Brian going for a repeat of the stellar Shadow Boxer, v6

Ivan eying up Seb’s delicious looking pizza

Oren with rockin’ long hair

Paul on Death Block, v6

Brian gives a go

Paul sends

Ivan on a perfectly kid-sized boulder

Ivan tops out! While Silas and Rhys explore in the background

Paul sending Ship’s Prow, v5

Erin giving Ship’s Mantel, v2 a try

Seth sticks it and sends

Kids build a teepee

Paul gets his one shot in a lifetime to send Tomb Raider Roof, v7, because it’s ALWAYS dipping wet!! But not today. 🙂

Me on Raiders of the Lost Tomb, v5

Paul sends. I do not.

The kids abandon the teepee and build a log cabin instead, complete with flower garden

…while little Ezra just hangs out lookin’ darn cute

The end of our Coopers Rock portion of the trip. We take the kids to the Overlook and savor the green landscape

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