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Hueco First!

Well, the Bambino has officially been initiated. Silas got to enjoy his first Hueco trip this weekend! And enjoy it he did! He spent most of his climbing time snuggled up warm in his snowsuit puffy, chillin’ in his bouncy seat or in mama’s or dad’s arms (when we weren’t climbing of course). From the looks of his goofy smiles all day, we’re thinkin’ he digs the place. Already he’s got an eye for good bouldering. 😉

It was really nice heading back over to the old stompin’ grounds. We spent both Sat and Sun on North mountain and got to meet up with the crew, including our old friend Nate whom we hadn’t seen in a couple seasons. It was good to be back on real rock. Paul has somehow gotten stronger during these pre and post Silas-days and proved it with a quick send of Dean’s Journey, v10…long-standing unfinished business of his. Then he linked some promising moves on Diaphanous Sea, v12…also a first (damn him). Me, on the other hand, am slowly but surely thrashing my way up the rock – sorry, no big sends to report from my end, haha.

Just one Hueco trip is all it ever takes to get Paul and I into crazy obsessive training mode. And this trip wasn’t any different. I already made a phonecall this morning to add a few more weekends to our Hueco reservations….as little Silas was laying on my lap giving me those goofy smiles that can only mean one thing: “yeah yeah, let’s go!” 😉

Silas in his carseat on the way to Hueco. What’d I tell ya, this boy is psyched!

Dad and the marshmallow

Mama and the marshmallow

Mama warming up at the Small Potatoes

Our buddy Steve giving See Spot Run, v6 a try

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