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Rodeo Days

A few weeks ago Tucson celebrated its annual Rodeo Days. This is such a big deal here in the southwest that the kids actually have two days off from school during which time the rodeo is happening! City pride I suppose…kinda like the Pittsburgh kiddos getting the day off when the Steelers won the Super Bowl, haha.

Silas’ class had their very own rodeo celebration. They made stick ponies and learned all about cowboy / cowgirl life. Then had a “shindig” out back behind the school in the wash, where they built a campfire, sang songs, ate flapjacks and had a barrel racing competition with their stick ponies. Silas is now officially the cowboy of the family 🙂

Silas’ class riding their ponies down to the wash. (A 13 minute ride by stick pony!)

Ponies in their corral at the wash

Around the tissue-paper campfire. Flapjacks being cooked by the parent volunteers in the background

click here to listen to Silas playing ‘Home on the Range’ on his harmonica

Our cowboy displaying his record barrel racing time on his pony, “Summer” – 15 seconds!

The cowboy teams up with a sidekick
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