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Vegas (and) Baby!

We took a break from the woody construction last weekend to party it up in Las Vegas for April’s Aunt’s wedding. It was a blast. We linked up with Joe and Holly, toured the strip, lounged by the pool and had a great time visiting with family, new friends and partying in the Luxor. Congratulations Aunt Sarah and Uncle Tom!!!

After returning from Vegas we’ve decided to lay low at home for a little bit and not risk having to deliver a baby in the middle of the desert (where we usually find ourselves on the weekends). Now, I’ve focused my attention on finishing the new addition on the woody and April…well…I’m not going to say much but she’s secretly working on our full length DVD featuring Rocklands, South Africa. Soon…very soon…it will be available and in HD!!!

April and Baby

Congratulations Aunt Sarah and Uncle Tom! Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas

Heading up to the bride and groom’s suite after the wedding, to party

Holly and Joe, my drinking buddies

Ever since I started sending Martini climbs at Hueco this has been my drink of choice

Planet Hollywood, wow

Having drinks at a Luxor bar before the wedding

Holds are going up on our new 60 degree roof

Me, trying to demonstrate and give perspective to the size of the new addition

The baby is going to be psyched. This woody is awesome!

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2 Responses to “Vegas (and) Baby!”

  1. Luke Bertelsen Says:


    Looks like April is doing well. Good luck to you guys as you get nearer and nearer the date (Oct. sometime??).

    The Wall addition looks good as well. It’ll be nice to have even more climbing close especially when you guys have a little one to tend to shortly.

    Hope all is well.


  2. ANKI Says:

    Hello climbing pals, and little “soon beeing a climbing pal”,

    how are you guys? I hope you both are doing well and the (now not) little strawberry (anymore) as well and that you guys enjoy the nice and sunny weather over there.

    Fall is comming soon, to soon for my taste, to Germany, but the temperatures are still nice to check out some routes, like last weekend with Grit and Manu. It was one of those nice, short but really need weekends with these guys.

    My summer vacations is comming up, as well. we leave on saturday for Spain, yeihhhhhhhh.

    Well, take care and stay psyched dudes!

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