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It’s official, people. Paul sent Slashface!!! Yesterday afternoon, after what started off as a nightmare of a day due to our radio being dead as a doornail because of accidentally being left on all weekend, we finally got things working and bolted up to East Mountain around 2pm. Paul pulled on, and was topping out not three minutes later….first try of the day. It was just us and the kids and we all went nuts when it was over. Paul’s first v13: Slashface.

And although Paul finally doing Slashface is very big news, he wasn’t the only one who cranked hard this fall. We’ve also got some honorable mentions to report:

During the last year of all those Slashface attempts, I had found myself a project nearby to try. Ultramega, v8. Done!

Jen rolled in all the way from Pittsburgh and made very quick work of Hector in a Blender, v7. Done!

….and also Tri Hard, v4. Done!

Brian came heartbreakingly close to completing Mojo, v10.

And a similar story for Jen on Big Iron on his Hip, v7. Next year for sure you two!!

And finally, my last big send of the year was Greasy Kid Stuff, v4. This is HUGE NEWS! Cause Greasy Kid Stuff might very well rank as Hueco’s WORST and HARDEST v4 EVER!!!!!! Woohoo!

And of course let’s not forget these handsome boys. Honorable mentions for good looking boys all around! It won’t be too long before these little crushers start sending hard boulders too.
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  1. The Pirtles Says:

    “In the ZONE!!” You all are friggin AMAZING!!!

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