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Magic Wood – Switzerland

A good hour drive away from our rustico was a place called Magic Wood. Famous for hard problems such as The New Base Line, The Never Ending Story, Massive Attack etc. Magic Wood hosts a large collection of boulders in a dense forest filled with ferns, moss and plenty of greenery. We only spent one day but managed to see hundreds of problems and try a dozen, at least. Unfortunately, we learned that our camera battery doesn’t hold an infinite charge and it only could keep enough juice for a few photos. From what we did sample, of course, we made a long tick list for next time.

Manu saying “No way dude, no holds on top”

Paul saying “No way dude, no holds on top”

The next picture is of a climb that I saw while walking down the trail looking for problems. From the ground the line looked amazing. Obvious holds up a tall face. Near the top it seemed like the holds get bigger. Only one way to find out…

Grit topping out. Yes, the holds are good at the top

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