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A Wedding

And last but certainly not least, my sister Holly and Joe’s beautiful Park City Utah wedding brings us to the end of our summer adventures. I promise cross my heart to be better about keeping you more up to date this fall. 🙂

The cozy little cabin my parents rented for a week, just up the street from Joe and Holly’s place. The whole fam stayed here – my parents, siblings, spouses, significant others and kids, with frequent visits by friends of the family! At first it seemed like a terribly horrible idea. But turned out to be really really fun. Fun enough to do again perhaps! 🙂

Setting up at the marriage/reception location.

Paul and the kids sightsee a bit while I help with setup and getting Holly’s hair done.

It’s game time. Silas and Ivan with their cousins.

My parent’s homemade maple syrup and jam for party favors.


Awaiting the bride

My father and Holly

Tying the knot

Ivan pre-gaming it a little too wildly with the appetizers and some indecent exposure

Cake cutting

Grandkids dancing with their grandma and papa

Pretty much the scene for the remainder of the night. Great party Holly and Joe!

And a swing by the Colorado River at Lee’s Ferry on our way back home (i.e. the “shortcut” around the big Grand Canyon going to/from Utah)

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