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The Matterhorn – Switzerland

In need of a rest day adventure our climbing crew discussed the options: Shopping, going for a drive, hiking, relaxing, or picnicing. What we decided: All of the above with a trip to the Matterhorn!

The Matterhorn – 4478m

Our adventure started with a 4 hour drive, winding through narrow mountain roads, passing through a portion of Italy, and finally a short train ride to the town of Zermatt, at the base of the Matterhorn. In our tour book Zermatt is a town that is described as a place “to see and be seen.” For us climbers it was the obvious place to go. Gucci stores, expensive food and a tram ticket that cost about $100.00 per person to ride up to a vista point. After a few seconds in town we quickly decided on a more affordable way to enjoy the natural beauty of the Matterhorn: Go to the grocery store, get a few snacks and have a picnic in the grass with a perfect view of the mountain. Oh, and if we were crazy enough to have bought the tram tickets we would have arrived at the vista right when clouds blew in, completely blocking any views of the upper portion of the mountain.

Our picnic spot below the Matterhorn

Driving across the border to Italy


3km? More like 300km of winding roads and being car sick

Waiting for the train to Zermatt

Waiting to see the Matterhorn aboard the train

Walking through Zermatt

The Matterhorn towering above Zermatt

Walking to our picnic spot

Heading out of town, getting away from the Gucci stores

The view from our high point along the trail

Window shopping with an appetite (dangerous!)

Driving our car onto a train to ride through a mountain. Wow! The Swiss have it figured out.

Car on train

Driving over the St. Gotthard pass looking for any signs of the summer time bouldering spot

Still driving on winding roads through more mountains


Mountains, more mountains!

Beautiful mountains!

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