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Mama goes to Vegas while boys eat pancakes and fly rockets

Sister Katie and I threw a bachelorette party for sister Holly

Holly’s party destination choice: Vegas

On the agenda: drinking,

…jumping on trampolines at the indoor trampoline park,

…and gettin’ fancied up and dancing our cute tushes off. Whoa.

Meanwhile, back at the homestead the boys indulged in pancake eating,

…and rocket building. This one here is “Fat Boy”. They had several successful flights with this guy. It goes about 200 feet up.

And the large one shown here next to Fat Boy is the aptly named “Magician.” Can you guess why? The Magician’s launch ended up being a one-shot endeavor. It’s package claims it goes 2,000 feet up. We don’t actually know how far up it went because we lost visual after the parachute deployed. All we know is it was headed for Mt. Lemmon and……disappeared. We can only speculate that the pilot of The Magician (little astronaut lego man) is having the time of his life hotdoggin’ his big fancy rocket out there somewhere in the universe.

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