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Brione – Switzerland

Here is the first installment of photos from our sampling of Switzerland’s bouldering. I say sampling because we only had two weeks to spend. It actually worked out perfect because we had great weather and were able to pack in each area on our initial tick list.

The first area we visited is near Brione. If you are a climbing video junkie and 8a.nu reader you may recognize some of the photos. This area is breathtaking! We were instantly blown away by the beauty of the surrounding mountains and the vibrant green all around. There is not yet a published guide for this area (probably to limit crowds because the area is close to a small village) but we were lucky to get a small tour by our friend’s friend.

One of the most beautiful climbing areas in the world 

The approach trail to the boulders 

Walking out of the forest into a meadow near the boulders 

Part of the approach involves walking past these mountain homes 

Grit – Sending, with style, the little Matterhorn problem 

Paul – Entranced by the beauty of this colorful problem 

Grit – Topping out a fun little warm up 

Manu – Hurrying to warm up and try the other amazing lines 

Grit – Working out moves on a slopy traverse 

Manu – Topping out the slopy traverse 

April – Working the moves of the slopy traverse 

Grit – Climbing for the photo crew on the Little Matterhorn problem 

Chillin’ by Grit and Manu’s VW Caddy 

Finishing the day checking out problems by the river 

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