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On the trail again

The itch is back to do some running while we take a break from the bouldering. Thankfully the desert temps have been so amazing this month that we’ve been able to knock out significant mileage without having to wake up at 4am to beat the heat!

…a treat that will be gone by next week I fear…say the smart weather guys and gals on the tv.

An early morning moon on Douglas Springs Trail

Sunrise over the Catalina Mountains

A rare, gloomy morning overlooking Tucson with my running chica, Mandy

Ok, so this one technically doesn’t count as a trail run because it’s not. It’s my early morning road run that I’ll sometimes squeeze in real quick before Paul heads to work, with this wash being my destination. Beautiful, eh?

A gila monster scaling a rock! AWESOME!

Your’s truly psyched as all heck to stretch my scrawny running legs

And me and my other fav running chica, Linda

Virga. “In meteorology, virga is an observable streak or shaft of precipitation that falls from a cloud but evaporates or sublimes before reaching the ground.”

The Catalina Mountains again as seen from Douglas Springs Trail, this time at sunset.

Tucson is down in the green flatness. Hard to believe with all the spring vegetation in bloom right now.

Mandy rockin’ it on Phoneline Trail on yet another cloudy, cool and stormy day just last week!

Sabino Canyon from Phoneline Trail. And no, that’s not virga this time. Real rain in the mountains threatening to come down and pummel us.

A sea of saguaro cacti with the Rincon Mountains on the left in the distance and the Santa Ritas further away on the right

Photos from Paul’s run with John on the Bear Canyon trail

Seven Falls

The Bear Canyon Trail as it wraps around Seven Falls

A pool at the bottom of the Falls

Another pic from a Paul run, Sycamore Resevoir

And yes, the stroller runs still continue too, although they have been modified just a tad. I sold the B.O.B. Duallie and just use the Single now while Silas rides his bike. Assess, adapt and run on! 🙂

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