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The long overdue Hueco season wrap up

We’re done with the Hueco season and we didn’t send our projects. That’s the wrap up folks. Paul gets an honorable mention for getting really really close on Slashface though (post-finger surgery!) falling off the top, too pumped to stick the last big pull. I deserve no credit, having totally plateaued and going nowhere on anything hard from February to April. We decided to call it, not because of the heat (cause it actually hasn’t gotten hot yet here in the desert southwest! So nice!), but because my psyche was low and Paul’s fingers needed a hardcore rest. So instead of posting a overly amped video showcasing how awesome and strong and full of ourselves we are, I’ll instead post some cute pics of our kids that never made it to the site this spring. hehe. Enjoy!

Stylish Silas

Cute boys

Silly boys

A side trip to Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

Who’d ever guess there is an ENORMOUS cave around here?!

What is called “the natural entrance” to the cave

…which, despite the three foot wide paved pathway cut into the side of the cliff all the way down is indeed considerably more “natural” than the alternate entrance, a 500+ foot elevator.

Cuteness in carharts

Silas content with his sketchpad

while Ivan gets grumpy cause he wants to climb NOW!

Campsite hangout time. Get those flip flops off your face! Gross!

Animal track! Whoa!

Site 12 at the campground

A lush Mescalero Canyon in East Mountain

And a bunny chillin’ in the shade.

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