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Confessions from the mother of a now-3 year old

I love the sound of your cute small voice, trying to articulate big, grown-up words.

I love how in-love you are with your big brother, and how the first question you ask when you wake up from your nap is “Where’s Silas?”

I love watching you cruise on your balance bike, with those chubby legs running and pumping along.

I love how you take that first bite of your peanut butter and jelly sandwich right in the center on the cut, so that the gooey corners smudge on your smiling chubby cheeks.

I love how you say “whitsle” instead of “whistle.”

I love how you refer to the leftover crumbs on your plate as giblets.

I love that little ‘humph’ sound you make when you think something is funny but not funny enough to full out laugh about.

I love how when you’re concerned about someone or something you ask “What’s happening?” instead of “What’s wrong?”

I love when we curl up for a nap together and you want to pet my face.

I love it when you figure out something new on your own and announce “I’m a genius!!!!”

I love coming in your room late at night to tuck you back under your covers and find you laying there in the same position you would sleep as a newborn – on your back, head to the side, arms out like a cactus.

And yes, I’ll admit…I do love seeing you grow up into a big boy and celebrating another birthday…..even though I always joke about wanting to keep both you and your brother small so I can fit you in my pocket and nuzzle you close forever. Happy Birthday sweet Ivan!

…oh, and one more thing. I love how you adamantly kept asking for a “construction cake with strawberries and blueberries and all kinds of berries” for your birthday. By the look on your face when you saw it, I think I got your creative little vision just right. 😉

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