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Season Update

Since the holidays we’ve been spending quite a bit of time at Hueco – surprise, surprise. We’re in our groove, training hard after putting the kids in bed at night, driving to Hueco at the end of the workweek, camping in the van and spending day after glorious day at the boulders. One would think that it would get old, but it doesn’t. Not for this family anyway.

January started off with snow! It’s not everyday we get to see snow at Hueco. Kids LOVED it.

And with cold Hueco weather comes plenty of hot chocolate! Kids love that too.

Bundled in their cold weather finest: synthetic thermal underwear, flannel-lined carharts, sweaters, smartwool socks, down puffys, snow hats and mittens!

Snug as bugs

Hot chocolate mustache kiss anyone?

And then winter was over. 60 and 70 deg temps have stuck around ever since. I feel naughty typing this seeing as our eastern friends and family are currently being pummeled by an endless winter right now. Sorry! Uh, come visit us?

Ivan finds an neat little nook to draw in

While Silas watches for birds

West Mountain Gate gymnastics

A trip to “the bone cave.” The kids and I found this spot with our friends Jen, Seb and Oren a few years ago on a rest day. Owls and other large birds must like to bring their dinners here – apparent by the multitude of little critter bones, owl pellets and big splatters of bird poop everywhere. Cool!

Silas and Ivan pretending to be birds themselves

Van life. Paul reading the kids a big-boy-chapter-book, Charlotte’s Web.

Quiet time with crossword puzzles and coloring

Ivan builds a nest in the van. Can you tell these two like birds?

Friends of our’s that used to live in El Paso came back for a long-weekend visit, Mike and Raquel. They invited us to camp on Raquel’s father’s land with some of their friends. Excellent group of people. We all had a blast.

The view of Hueco from the land

Getting ready to climb while the kids find yet another interesting cranny to play in

And last but not least, climbing! Lots and lots of climbing! Silas sends with dad and Ivan on spot

Ivan’s turn

And now dad’s turn. He sends The French Tickler, v9

And mama too – I tick off Locals Only, v7

And then there’s the unfinished business. The Bloody Flapper Traverse, v9. Still a project. What IS IT with this climb?!

McBain, v8

Hebro Sausage, v5

Mo Mojo, v11/12

…and Slashface, v13, Paul’s season obsession.

We’re currently on a two-week vacation here. Hopefully we’ll knock out some of these projects as well as many more. Wish us luck!

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