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Day 141: Back to Two

It’s been a full month now of Bishop bouldering with long time friends. Beginning today though, Paul and I are back to two. Sadly, yesterday Grit, Manu and Anke said their goodbyes to us and started their long journey back to Germany. To no avail, Paul and I jokingly (or not) tried to get them to change their plane tickets to stay for an additional month with us. Ahhh, but life calls…even with the European “5 weeks minimum” vacation time. Until next time, we like to say. Paul and I have quite a good running track record of linking up on climbing adventures with these guys.

Last weekend we were all treated with a surprise last-minute appearance of THE one and only Court-nizzle from the SLC. The crazy nut drove 950 miles (one way) for a skimpy 26 hours of chill time with the Germans and us. And that’s why we like him. Even just a little hang time with Courtney is waaaay better than no hang time with Courtney. Yeah dude.

Before Courtney’s visit came a week with our long-standing Pittsburgh climbing buds from way back in the day. We hadn’t climbed with Jen and Brian since Paul and I lived in the good ‘ol ‘burgh, five plus years ago before little Seb and Oren. This was truly a special treat for me. Over the last five years Jen and I had been “climbing together” through emails, photos and blogs. Whenever I would send, this is the one gal I had to tell. So getting one week of the real deal, working climbs together, spotting one another, cheering one another on was freakin’ awesome. Two kids and five years later, Jen hasn’t missed a beat with her love and drive for climbing. She’s still crankin’ harder than the boys. Love it!!!

And last but BY FAR from least, the always psyched, always climbing (or at least crankin’ pull-ups on their hangboard when they can’t make the gym), easily-talked-into-a-Hueco-climbing-trip, Jason and Kathy even made the journey from Pittsburgh too for a week. And this time with little one year old McKenna in tow! A one year old on a week-long climbing trip sandwiched between two cross-country first-time plane rides?! Now that’s what I call hardcore. Inspiring.

So here we are now, after all the great sends, great falls, great chillin’, and bummed goodbyes. Paul and I, back to two.

Anke flashing the committing highball The Hunk, v2, cool, calm and collective

Kathy’s send of Carrot Top, v3 at the Happy Boulders

Brian’s beta on Birthday Direct, v3

Jen’s beta

Paul’s beta

Paul ticking what might possibly be one of the best v8’s in the country, the beautiful Checkerboard

Anke cruising the classic Hero Roof, v0

Grit carefully making her way up Heavenly Path, v1

Myself, Paul, Manu and Anke chillin’ at the Buttermilks

Grit lookin’ oh-so-pretty in red on The Sixty Foot Woman Traverse, v2

Courtney’s crushing sequence of Lidija’s Mouth, v3

Manu using the force to onsight the classic Pollen Grains highball, Jedi Mind Tricks, v4

Manu sending the surprisingly burly Not The Clapper, v1

…followed by Grit

…followed by me

Anke working her slab technique on an Unnamed, v1 at the Happy Boulders

Manu looking not pretty nor pink on Pretty in Pink, v2 at the Druid Stones

Paul sticking the surprise hold on Arch Drude, v5 at the Druid Stones

Until next time…Paul, myself, Manu, Grit and Anke

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