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Best Christmas Gift Ever?

For Christmas this year Paul and I decided to give the kids an ‘adventure’ versus ‘stuff’. On Christmas morning Silas and Ivan opened envelopes containing tickets for A RIDE ON THE DURANGO & SILVERTON NARROW GAUGE RAILROAD!!!!!!! Now, having been in Durango earlier last fall on our Anniversary Trip, the kids did have a clue as to what this meant. They remembered the big old black no-kidding steam engine well. The steam engine that, yes, puffs steam and yes, goes chug chug chug. I had glued fancy gold glittered paper to the backs of the plain and boring paper tickets that had been emailed to me, printed and cut out with scissors, just to add to the wow-effect on Christmas morning. As expected though, gold glitter and all, the enormity of such an adventure didn’t quite sink in at first. But….ever so slowly….with each passing day….their excitement began to grow. It grew until eventually it was a countdown as to exactly how many days it would be until we were going to ride the train. Four days at Grandma and Papa’s house and then we would drive to Durango. Three days in the van and then we would arrive in Durango. Sleep one night in Durango and then the next morning we would wake up, grab our tickets and go get on the train. Silas went over the schedule again and again and again, subtracting off the spent days until finally, FINALLY!, we pulled into Durango around 6pm Friday night and drove past the glorious train station. “TRAIN!” both boys screamed from the back of the van. We were here to ride the train.

Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad from Paul Vollmer on Vimeo.





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