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Destination #6: Poudre Canyon, Colorado

We’re in Colorado now and bouldered at another place we’ve never been, Poudre Canyon, just west of Ft. Collins. At this elevation the Aspen are in full color. Beautiful area, beautiful boulders and beautiful temps! Too bad we’re feeling subpar strength. As expected, the trip is starting to wear on us.

We primarily bouldered at the 420’s. We had really really REALLY wanted to get to Against Humanity, v7 at the Gandalf area, touted as the best of the grade in Poudre. But unfortunately it required a river crossing. We were hoping to wade or rock-hop but neither panned out safe enough to do with the kiddos. While scoping it for us, Paul slipped and fell in and dropped the guide book in the water. He came back to the van totally soaked and had a chat with a fly fisherman as to what the hell he was doing, haha. So sadly, until we come back equipped with waders, Against Humanity is untouchable. Which is probably a good thing (for me anyway), cause given how tired I feel it no doubt wouldn’t have gone well.

The Puffing Stone, v6

Staring down the crux move of Scuba Steve, v7. “Staring” was about as far as I got on this one. Never stuck it.

Paul had no trouble though. The topout of Scuba Steve, v7

Merlin, v7. Paul was having trouble with this one until I gave him the best beta in whole wide world. And then he sent next try. Check out his feet – heel hook with your right and then step on your heel to get the height to reach a left-hand crimp. I call it the heel hook stomp. Heel hook and then stomp on it! Too bad it didn’t work for me. The crimp was too far away and for the first time I can remember I actually used the excuse “out of my reach.” I’m sure there’s probably another (burlier) way to do it though. There always is.

Grrrr. That was MY beta!

Silas sending his own climb. This could perhaps be the cutest photo ever. Look at little Ivan spotting him!

And then Ivan picks one. Looks as though his could use some cleaning.

Atop his first ascent

While bouldering in Poudre we stayed up and over the Cameron Pass at the North Park KOA. All the campgrounds around the bouldering were closed for the season. And the closest open one was about the same distance down-canyon. The scenery at KOA was absolutely gorgeous and again we had the whole campground to ourselves. We just couldn’t pass it up.

Scarface, v6. I had hoped to be able to send this one before we left but the intensity of the trip is catching up with me. I need a good rest.

Paul sent it though, a couple of times…

…cause it was just that good.

Paul ticks Tilt, v7, just barely. He too needs a rest day or two…or three.

Bye bye Poudre. On to the next destination.

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