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Spring Snowboarding

We arrived at the Sunrise parking lot at about 9:00AM on Saturday morning, stepped out of the car in T-shirts and sandals, got our snowboards and skis together and hit the slopes. The conditions were really awesome for the first part of the day. The snow was mostly packed powder and later became a tiny bit slushy because of the intense sun. Temperatures were very comfortable. In fact, I wore a T-shirt all day. I’d recommend it but don’t get broke…cuz it ain’t pretty. Check out the pics below. You wouldn’t believe how black and blue my arms were after crashing in the snowboard park…

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  1. April Says:

    For those of you wondering who the peeps in the pictures are…

    Paul kinda forgot to mention that my parents are here visiting for the week. My dad had some business in PHX and we coaxed my mom into coming out too (she’s not fond of flying). My parents are ski bums – we spent last weekend at Sunrise and will spend this weekend at Snowbowl. They are LOVING it!

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