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Day 58: So Many Boulders, So Little Time

Thank you, Paul, for pointing out my lame cliche blog title. I tried re-titling it about 10 times now, but can’t come up with a better way to describe our current situation. So just bear with me people. I used up all my creativity reserves on my leopard blog!

Our buds Mike and Raquel are here from El Paso now. They’ll be staying a short but sweet 2 weeks here in Rocklands. Already though, the four of us are struggling with trying to decide which areas to go to and which boulders to climb, not wanting Mike and Raquel to miss out on sampling the best of the best. The problem is, there is just sooooo much rock here (did I just say that was ‘a problem!?’ somebody slap me please). Paul and I made it a point to try to scope out one new area per day when we first arrived. We too didn’t want to go home having missed out on an ultra Rocklands classic. Having been here for about 2 weeks though, we’re still not finished with that task! So needless to say, I think the four of us are going to be very busy over the next couple weeks, trying to get our chalked hands on….*everything*.

Paul and I decided to introduce these two Hueco locals to Rocklands on Thursday via the Road Crew boulders. We spent the entire day climbing anything and everything, some established climbs, some not. Notable ticks include Mike’s send of Roof on Fire 6c+ (classic!) and Paul’s send of Ulan Batar 7b (double classic!).

The following day we took them to “the home crag” (the de Pakhuys boulders that sit on the farm on which we are staying). And like the previous day, we really packed ‘em in…..walking back home from the rocks under moonlight.

What’s next on the agenda? Resting today, then the de Pakhuys boulders tomorrow, and then Roadside for Monday. Wooo!….or should I say, Whew! Stay tuned… We’ll be reporting on lots of strong sends….or lots of sore muscles, one of the two.

Where’s Waldo? A first ascent by Paul.

Mike sending Roof on Fire 6c+

Raquel on Demi Lune 6c

Just another classic

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