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Destination #3: Ibex, Utah

Our early evening arrival

Campsite for the night right next to the boulders and not another soul around for miles. Life just doesn’t get any better than this

Usually this is a dry lakebed. Not today.

The kids were infatuated with the lake. They spent the entire evening throwing rocks into it. I can just imagine all their little rocks sitting out there atop the white sand long after the lakebed dries back up.

Did I forget to mention this place is absolutely beautiful

Good morning boulders

Hello Red Monster

Good morning Cow. Now let’s climb already!!!!

Me warming up on The Cow boulder

Silas sends

Paul’s turn on The Cow, a v3 line

Now it’s time to get serious. This is the other side of the Red Monster, where all the climbs are.

Paul sending the mega classic Ju, v7. I too tried this one but only half-heartedly. With a sore back, high crux and slabby topout I wussed out and moved on.

Atop the Red Monster after his send. Yeah! First big send since his finger surgery!!! Woohoo!

All day we found ourselves saying that the holds here at Ibex aren’t quite crimps, aren’t quite slopers and aren’t quite jugs….they’re something in between all three of those things. And they took a while to feel comfortable on. This is me sending an unnamed v5 on the Warm-Up Wall. A bitty little climb that sure packs a punch.

Paul giving Meat and Potatoes, v8 a try. Too hard for today.

I find a climb that’s suits me perfect for today, Tranced Out and Dreamin, v6, with the first move being the crux. And may I just point out, I stuck this hard first move before Paul! (my short moment of glory, thank you)

…and I send it!

Silas atop yet another fine Ibex block

And before calling it a day we quickly run up some easys on The Lone Boulder as another Utah rainstorm blows in

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