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Day 42: Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town! Paul and I awake in our hotel around 8AM and head outside to catch our first glimpse of South Africa. We hit up a cute, artsy little coffee shop next door to the hotel, the RCaffe. Mmmm, is this the best Americano I’ve ever tasted or am I just dreamily giddy right now?

We stroll down Long street, more in awe with Table Mountain hovering above than the shops, restaurants, and cafes that line the street. We decide to check out the South Africa Museum and Planetarium, spending the majority of the day there and in the Company’s Gardens. Back on Long street we hit up Lola’s for some coffee and a music shop, then mozy on back to our hotel for some Internet and naps before dinner.

Based on the hotel staff’s recommendation, we ate dinner at the Khaya Nyama Game Restaurant. I had the Curried Lamb and Paul a big skewer of Eland, Ostrich, and Kudu. Both meals, authentic South African cuisine…mmm.

excerpt from April’s journal, dated Thursday July 24th, 2008

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