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Day 40: South Africa Flight Delay

I wish I had something exciting to say about this would-be exciting day. But by the time this day is over, I’m not so sure we’ll be more than a few hundred miles off the Atlantic coast, stateside! I’m sitting here in the big tin can on the New York City JFK tarmac…waiting, waiting…and even more waiting for liftoff.

“What is going ON? We should riot,” we overhear from a few seats ahead. ‘Pajama Man,’ we call him, because he went into the plane’s bathroom wearing jeans and came out wearing pajama pants, prepared for a long journey of going nowhere apparently.

We’ve been delayed for almost six hours now and still counting. First, air conditioning mechanical troubles, then zero visibility rain storm, and now here we sit, plane number fifty (we were number 5 but JFK air traffic control switched the direction of the runway and we went to nearly the end of the line) in the takeoff line.

excerpt from April’s journal, dated Tuesday July 22nd, 2008

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