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Blackberry Mint Smoothie

Mint is essentially an invasive species in my garden. I transplanted it from mine and Silas’ little herb container garden we had last summer into the big garden, and now this spring/summer it’s popping up everywhere. Everywhere! So to eradicate it, we eat it. Cause no morsel of food ever goes to waste in this household. This morning I had the brilliant idea of putting it into our daily smoothie. It was DELICIOUS!!! I’ll admit I feel like a complete idiot for not thinking of this sooner. I’m sure everyone in the entire universe has been putting mint in their smoothies all along, cause it’s just that good. If I’m wrong well, below is the recipe. And now I’m ecstatic to experiment with other herbs I have growing in the garden!! Strawberry Cilantro Smoothie anyone?!

Blackberry Mint Smoothie

Makes 3 servings (one mama-sized pint glass and two slightly smaller kid’s-sized glasses)


1 bunch kale
1 hearty handful fresh mint
10 oz frozen blackberries
1 frozen banana
4 dates
3 tbsp chia or flax seeds
1 cup almond milk (or ~3 tbsp almond meal plus 1 cup water)

Blend all ingredients in a Vitamix or blender until smooth. Enjoy!

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