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April is Broken Again

It seems as though every time I’m really starting to climb strong and kick butt, some annoying injury sprouts itself upon me. So once again, it’s happened. I’m sitting at home right now, taking a sick day (aka PTO, aka VACATION DAY :*( ) nursing a severe pulled muscle in my back that had gone into an *awful* muscle spasm Sat night. Bummer dude. So alas, there was no Wanker 101 action going on at Hueco on Sunday for Paul and I (Wanker = 101 Hueco boulder problems in a day, a list of problems v2 and under with the long and pumpy Ghetto Simulator being the 101st). In fact, we never even made it to Hueco. Sorry Nate! 🙁 We’ll have to plan for it again some other time.

In the meantime, I’m just going to sit here on our new couch, trying to remain as motionless as possible, and trying to supress thoughts of how soon I can get back on the rock again.

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3 Responses to “April is Broken Again”

  1. daddy Says:

    Hope you feel better. Heal up soon so we can enjoy boarding and skiing in 2 weeks

  2. jen Says:

    april! how’d you do that? i’ve had the whole spasm thing going on, and there is really only one answer: flexaril, aka muscle relaxers.

    btw, your new furniture looks super cute and southwestern. what’re you going to do when you have to move back to pgh? 😉

  3. April Says:

    How did I hurt it? Hmm. Not exactly sure. Running? Climbing? Hangboard? Hiking? Yoga? Pulling weeds? Weedwacking? All of the above? Almost 2 weeks ago I started noticing this annoying little pain in my back, but decided to ignore it. Dumb.

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