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Different Stuff

Amongst my many failed attempts at Better Eat Your Wheaties last weekend, we decided to seek out a bunch of new stuff. Not new as in new climbs that have recently been put up but new as in new to us. So maybe I should call it different stuff. Either way, getting on a climb that one has never seen let alone tried before is always fun. Especially when one is failing miserably on one’s project (me) or getting back in shape after much time off (Paul). And the kids always love a new area to explore too.

Due to the East Spur being jammed with just about every tour that was out that day, we found ourselves reluctantly calling in an area we hadn’t been before. S-Curve and Friends. Sure, why not. If it’s difficult to get to at least it’ll pass some time while the climbs we wanted to get on freed up. Turns out the approach was a breeze…just a few hundred yards from Moonshine Roof, no scrambling or kid-shuttling required. Upon arrival we were immediately star struck by this beautiful house-sized boulder sitting in the middle of a pretty little meadow. On it was Mr. Freud, v4, 3 stars. Tell me again why after a decade of climbing at Hueco have we never been here?! The climb was excellent to say the least.

Me pulling on to Mr. Freud, v4

From there we checked out S-Curve, v6, an interesting, technical, smear-y thing that is very atypical of Hueco. Paul sent. I wasn’t in the adventurous mood and thus declined to try.

Paul’s send of S-Curve, v6

After that it was on to Lung Fish, v7, an exciting ditty with big explosive movement (for me anyway – the book says you can find some kneebars to help you through the crux but I could not, hence the big explosive movement). Paul cleaned this up quickly. I’ll need to go back.

A fun setting at Lung Fish, v7

Big move to a good crimp

The crimp

And then another big move (or two if you need an intermediate) to good holds before a creative topout that transfers you to another boulder

And finally on to the real gem of the weekend, The Slopey Rail, v8. It’s exactly what the name implies and Paul and I both LOVED it. This one may take a little more work on my part, or a random strong day. Paul of course did it within a few tries.

Paul on The Slopey Rail, v8

The weekend also included some other moderate sends for Paul as he ramps back up into shape:
a repeat of Slim Pickins, v5
Beer, Pizza and a Three Foot Toothless Girl, v6
Meddle Detector, v6
Nobody’s Funky, v7
and Sledgehammer, v8.

Paul sending Sledeghammer, v8

And let’s not forget our newest climber in the family, Silas. He was INSISTENT on getting his turn to climb at every area. Meanwhile Ivan just hung around lookin’ darn cute.

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