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Grand Finale

Well, sadly, our summer fun with Holly (my sister) has come to a close. She’s done with her summer internship and heading back to upstate New York tonight. And…well…we’re just a little bit depressed around here. Ok, a LOT. It’s been a great summer and we’ve had loads of fun….climbing, climbing, and climbing some more. We’ve spent most of the summer bouldering up in the cool pines of Flagstaff; mostly at Priest Draw. Holly ticked some real classics over the last couple of months and it’s been super exciting to see her progress and enthusiasm. The three of us (four, counting lil Morgie of course!) made a pretty sweet crew this summer and we’re really bummed to see her go. Hands down, there’s nothin’ cooler in the whole wide world than crankin’ with your own sis.

Here are a couple of pics from our last stellar weekend. Holly’s boyfriend Joe flew down from Colorado and we all headed up to Flagstaff for one last horrah.

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