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No Return Flight

As you can see from our last web entry, Paul and I spent the weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our good friend Courtney now lives there and has a house nestled snug in between the base of Little and Big Cottonwood Canyons. This visit to see Courtney was long overdue, so we really packed in the fun with a few days in the mountains, riding the deep powder of the ski resort, Snowbird.

As all good trips do, we were of course bummed to have this fun weekend end. We were just getting used to riding in the powder (we’re from the East), and the forecast was showing more snow to come. We don’t want to go home! But alas, we had a flight back to Tucson, Arizona scheduled for Sunday night, 7:30pm.

….or so we thought. By chance, we decide to check our flight status mid-Sunday afternoon (we usually never check our flight status – maybe we should start). And low and behold, we realize for the first time that the return date on our itinerary reads Sunday, *March* 25th….not Sunday, February 25th. Hmmm. Whoops.

We laugh and blame this mistake on each other of course, then try waiting on hold for over one hour 30 min with the airline to try to fix this mistake (an extra $437.00 EACH to fly home tonight???!!!! No thanks), then consider renting a car and driving home instead (12 hour drive…not too excited about this option either), then finally decide to say heck with it – we’ll just buy one-way plane tickets that will get us home the next night (which was considerably cheaper than getting our flight rescheduled – stupid airlines – go figure). Oh yeah, and one more decision: Stranded one extra day in Salt Lake, shall we hit the slopes again? Hell yeah! And we all live happily ever after….

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Choosing our descent from the Cirque Traverse – Snowbird Utah

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