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Fall is here and I’m sending solo

Daytime temps are cooling, nights are crisp and we’re back to the same ‘ol same ‘ol that we love, Hueco Tanks, Texas. The start of this season has been a bit of a bummer though for Paul. His finger has been bothering him all summer so he went to see a hand specialist last week. Diagnosis: bone fracture! Paul has now entered the ranks of those climbers that have climbed so hard they broke their own finger. It probably happened sometime in the spring (ahem, the crimps on Nagual maybe?). It sounds hardcore and all to say it like that, but I can guarantee he doesn’t feel too hardcore watching me crank on my Hueco projects while he plays sherpa. With 2 shots of cortisone in the finger, he’s been directed to take six weeks off from any climbing/gripping activity. In the meantime, to stay psyched he’s continuing to train any way he can. He’s become obsessive over mastering the planche.

See the little bone fragment that the arrow is pointing to as a result of the fracture

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