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Snow Day Continued

Well, the snow didn’t last too long at the house. The sun came out mid-morning, so by the time we got home from work the only remaining snow was up in the mountains and bits here and there in the shadows. Paul, Linda and I wanted to end this ‘snow day’ with a trail run up on the mountain, however, the Catalina Highway was said to still be closed. We decided instead to turn our running legs toward this lower elevation trail that we had yet to check out before, the Agua Caliente Trail, the trailhead only minutes from our house. Turned out to be a great trail and a great run.

Then to top it all off, we finished the day with some warm, snow-day, homemade cookin’: Great Grandma’s macaroni and cheese, vegetable soup, and chocolate chip cookies. Mmmmm.

Stellar day. 🙂

The Agua Caliente Trail.

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