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A Content Farewell

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a month now that Grit and Manu arrived here from Germany. Time flys when you’re having fun and now their trip is coming to an end. Manu left for home last week. And Grit is on a final solo tour of more Joshua Tree and Bishop and will head home next week. I think I can speak for them both in saying that they indeed had a great visit. They climbed it all: Hueco Tanks, Joshua Tree, Bishop, Red Rock Canyon, Priest Draw, and even some local Tucson climbing at Milagrossa Canyon. Their tick lists are amazing. Paul and I were fortunate enough to be able to squeeze out some time off from work to join them climbing at a few places. And we all had great times just chillin’ here in Tucson – bouldering on the woody, drinkin’ Tecate, cooking good food, watching climbing videos, and just plain hangin’ out. Paul and I, yes, are a little bit bummed that the Grit/Manu visit is nearing its end. However, at the same time we are still psyched. Psyched because we know the fun is going to pick right up where it left off. Next spring. We have another Fontainebleau, France trip in the works….and guess which two Germans are going to be there….

Awe yeah. 🙂

video of Grit on Lobster Claws, Hueco

video of Paul on Saturday Night Live, J-Tree

video of April on Jigsaw Puzzle, Hueco

video of Manu on T-Bone Shuffle, Hueco

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