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The Return of Grit

Grit is back. Back in the USA. This time, she’s brought her boyfriend Manu with her. And this time, she’s here not to work or study….but to climb, climb, climb! Grit and Manu arrived from Germany last week and they’ll be here all month; chillin’ in our guest house, drinking margaritas, and roadtrippin’ to the country classics of climbing: Hueco Tanks, Joshua Tree, Bishop, Hueco again….and maybe again. 😉 So without too much persuasion, Paul and I have now put our days of trail running on hold for a bit…just a bit…just for maybe about the next 5-6 months….cause the temps are good, the itch has returned, and the HUECO SEASON IS ON, BABY, AWWWWE YEAAAAAH!

News flash: On Grit’s first day back to Hueco, Friday, October 6th, around noon, with myself, Manu and Paul as her witnesses, her project that she’s been dreaming obsessively about for 1 whole year went down, effortlessly, smooth as butter,….2nd try: LOBSTER CLAWS (v5). Yeah Grit. Nice.

Get psyched.

Click on the photo to see more.

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