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Raining Cats & Dogs

Well, today we’ve been officially “rained out” of climbing. It’s been a while since we were rained out, hmmm, a year? Two years? Since we arrived in Tucson? Since we left Pittsburgh? Typically, when it rains, we just hunker down under the rocks until the rain passes. Shoot the bull for about an hour or so, and then waa-laa, rock is dry and up we climb. On this occasion, however, we are genuinely “Rained Out”. We awoke to thundercracks around 4am or so and it’s been dumping ever since. And I mean DUMPING. CONTINUOUS dumping. We had plans to head up to Mt. Lemmon today, but due to tropical storm so-and-so, here we are at home, watching it pour. But all is well. It’s amazing how living 3 years in the desert can make you truely ache for rain. Yearn for that rainy day where you actually have an excuse to sit around inside all day, make warm drinks, bake an apple pie, ahhhh it’s raining.

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The Front Yard.

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