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More Running

Imogene Pass Run is fast approaching. Only 4 weeks away! We made another trip to Flagstaff so Mandy and I could get some training in. This weekend’s goal: Complete a 17 mile loop up on Mt. Humphreys. And we did!…woohoo! Oh, and of course we did some climbing while we were up there too. 🙂 Here are some pics from the weekend. No climbing pics unfortunately because my camera battery died.

Ivan and Alina at Priest Draw. What’s she so excited about over there?

Dalan, Silas and Mia

The pony’s in for it

I’ve given up long ago trying to keep this boy clean while climbing

One of the many gorgeous views on mine & Mandy’s 17 mile loop. From the Snowbowl parking lot we ran the Kachina Trail to the Weatherford Trail up to the Humphreys Saddle and then down Humphrey’s Trail back to the parking lot.

Mandy contemplating what she’s gotten herself into

Gaining elevation

Still gaining…

Almost there

The apex of our journey. On a clear day you can see the Grand Canyon from here. This day was too hazy.

Mandy at Humphreys saddle and psyched!

The boys got jealous of us gal’s big run so later that afternoon we watched the kids while they went off on a short excursion of there own. They ran a 5ish mile loop from the campsite up to the Kachina Trail and back down the campsite road. Here’s John on the Kachina Trail.

Paul on the Kachina Trail

Relaxing at camp after a hard day’s play

The next day’s agenda: Paul and John go for an early summit bid of Humphreys via the Humphreys Trail (~10 miles roundtrip) and then afternoon bouldering at Priest Draw. Here’s Paul on the summit. 10 miles + v10 = Ultimate Winner of the Day. Paul just missed it by falling on the last few moves of Lolita on the Mars Roof.

This about sums up the weekend. Tuckered out!

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