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Hueco Season Cooked

Well, temps hit 100 yesterday. The southwest summer is here and Hueco is cooked to a crisp. The season was fun as always but ticks weren’t outrageous this time around. I set some pretty high goals for myself, perhaps too high? (i.e. Bloody Flapper Traverse – vNINE! What was I thinking?!). And Paul was fighting some severe elbow/forearm tendonitis. The good news, for me anyway, is that I can tell I am stronger now overall as a result of the season and all the training that came along with it. I took a couple weeks off after our last Hueco trip (mainly to loathe in my own self-pity over Bloody Flapper Trvs). And then went back to the woody and put in an impressive campusing session. Maybe I too, like Paul, just need some rest.

Here are some photos wrapping up the Hueco season with our dear friends from Pittsburgh: Jen, Brian and their kids Seb and Oren.

Oren and Seb in The Dark Heart

Paul sending Jiffy Pop, v5

Brian working out Choir Boys Light, v7

Nature Boy Silas

Ranger Boys Seb and Oren

Jen’s big Hueco tick of the ultra classic Dragonfly, v5

Send it Jen!

Silas and his “crib”


Paul and Seb lacing up

Paul sending Julio and Me, v9

Silas’ first Transformer experience

Seb’s send of Cheapskate, v0

Jen battling El Burro, v3

Brian sending El Burro, v3


Brian on Notorious D.I.G., v9

Notorious D.I.G., v9

Paul sending Notorious D.I.G., v9


Sloper training

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