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Roadtrippin’ to Bishop

Paul and I (and Morgan!) decided to head up to Bishop, California for a 4-day weekend of bouldering.

Here are a bunch of photos documenting the journey

We left after work on Thursday evening and blasted up to Mt. Charleston outside of Vegas to camp at the brrrrr elevation of 7500 feet. Silly us decided to leave our sleeping bags at home – anticipating warm Bishop weather – and just slept with a comforter. Whoops. Brrrrrrrrrr.

On the way to Bishop the following morning, we decided to side-trip it to Death Valley, since I had never been. Giving up a 1/2 day bouldering for a hot dusty tour of the lowest point in the US sounded appetizing given that we had each downed about 10 cups of coffee the night before and froze our butts off in the tent. Ahhh, hot desert ahhh.

Saturday morning – rise and shine for some BOULDERING! We headed to the Happy boulders. We basically climbed all day non-stop from 9am to 7:30pm…..I guess we got a little carried away not being bound by time or rules like at Hueco. Sleep in and stay out late. Not much was sent this day but we tackled all kinds of problems…re-visiting favorites and trying out new stuff: Classique, Totty Boulder, Monkey Hang, Gleaner, Chollos, Action Figure, Serengeti, Burning Rubber Necklace, Bleached Bones, Red Rum, Celestial Trail, Donkey Boy, Every Color You Are, and Cheap New Age Fix….plus many more.

Sunday we opted for climbing the AM portion of the day at the Happies again….trying to tick off some of Saturday’s projects and attempting more new stuff. We were only semi-successful – shredding more skin than problems. At around 2pm we decided to head somewhere else. Although our finger tips were completely thrashed, we opted for the Buttermilk boulders over the Sad boulders…..b/c as Paul puts it “If I’m going to draw blood , I’d rather do it with the Sierra Mtns as the backdrop, not down in some dismal ice cave at the Sads.” And what a wonderful choice it was. The temps were a bit cooler due to the higher elevation and the mountains were amazing, totally snowcovered, And to top it all off, we even discovered a problem on the Grandpa Peabody boulder that we lovingly refer to as our little own Hueco-simulator: starts back in a cave and requires a bit of Hueco-classic heal-hookin’ horizontal climbing. Waaahooo! Unfortunately the problem doesn’t top-out, however given the CRAZY massive height of the Grandpa Peabody that’s probably a good thing. 🙂

Monday. Time to head to home, but first – a short quickie at the Sad boulders. With only a 1/2 day of climbing time, we ran from boulder to boulder, trying to rest less and climb more. Funkadelia Bdelia, Parliament, Hot Pants, Loaded, Erotic Terrorism, It’s All About Love, The Mothership Connection, Pow Pow, Still Life, Molly and Smith. The big bang finish of the day/trip was Paul’s send of Pow Pow (v7). This was quite the accomplishment b/c every time we come to Bishop we always save the Sads for the last day, and every time…Paul is too beat to send Pow Pow. Must be he turned on the afterburners full-force this time. Nice.

So to sum it up, it was an extremely successful trip. Successful in the fact that we had a blast – every day – from the moment we woke up under our freezing cold comforter, till our heads hit the pillow at night after a looong long day of climbing.

Trip Highlights:
1. Death Valley
2. Paul’s send of Every Color You Are (v6) at the Happies
3. My send of Browning Variation (v4) at the Happies
4. Getting on the all-time best problem at the Happies: BIG CHICKEN (v4) (thanks Tammy for the recommendation! Alas, no send for me on Big Chicken b/c I was a Big Chicken, hehe).
5. The discovery of that Hueco-like cave problem at the Buttermilks (v4)
6. Fresh green dinosaur sugar cookies from The Bakery
7. Getting to spend the entire weekend with CuteMorgan b/c dogs are allowed at the boulders – yahoo!

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