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Day 50: Nutsa Ticked!

Paul sticking the crux move on Nutsa 8a+

First big tick of the trip!! Only one week into it, and Paul crushes the Rocklands classic, Nutsa 8a+. This climb was listed at the top of Paul’s boulder problem wish list. A climb which he and I both thought would take multiple days of effort to complete. I can honestly say though (with a great deal of envy!) that this climb went down very easily for him.

Two days ago Paul tried it for the first time, linking the start all the way up to the crux after only a few attempts. By the end of a short 1 hour session on it, he had it linked into two separate sections.

We rested yesterday and went back to it today after a full day of climbing at the Road Crew Boulders. I could tell Paul was ‘takin’ it easy’ at Road Crew. He was gearing up for some sending go’s on Nutsa.

We’re not usually ones to rant and rave about “conditions” (i.e. weather temps, humidity, wind, etc.) but I’ll admit, on this particular afternoon conditions couldn’t have been more perfect under the A Question of Balance Boulder, home to Nutsa. The cool and crisp cloudy weather was nice, yes, but it was the lonely solitude that we really consider to be “perfect conditions.” It was under these perfect conditions that Paul laced up and promptly ticked Nutsa.

So now, with the #1 climb on his tick list already checked off after only 1 week, what will the next 7 weeks hold?! It’s almost too exciting to think about. Paul’s mind is spinning with the dozens of other classic lines to choose from.

April warming up on Boulder L at the Road Crew Boulders

April warming up on Boulder L at the Road Crew Boulders

Road Crew Boulders

Paul sending Rooi Klavier 7c at the Road Crew Boulders

Walking to the car at sunset

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