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July 14, 2005

Neighborhood Blaze

I got a call from April at work today and she said, "I can't get home because the fire department has blocked off the main road to our house. Please leave work and meet me, I'm not sure but it looks like our house is on fire."

I hate the feeling inside when you hear something like that. It comes out of no where, obviously. It's not like you can expect that kind of stuff. I hurried out of work telling my co-workers, "Uh, I gotta run, I think my house is on fire." It was really weird. As soon as I got out of work I talked with April using our cell phones to get more details. My 35 minute commute was stressful as April described the thick black smoke, high winds and very hot summer temps over 100+ degrees that were all contributing to a brush fire that could potentially destroy our neighborhood.

By the time I was home and walking to our house from the back, through the wash, a plane flew over head and dumped some kind of red liquid/chemical. Then a helicopter came in and dumped something additional. I was really worried at that point because I've never seen a residential fire being fought by the air and ground together. I thought for sure our house was going to be destroyed. The wind was blowing in the wrong direction.

Our home and those surrounding it were technically evacuated, but the fire was still at a distance so we snuck to the house to grab Morgie.

Near 5:00PM the smoke started to decrease and we felt a little bit more comfortable. We spoke with the police and an officer let us know that the fire department managed to contain the blaze. It wasn't until about 8:15PM until we were allowed to return home.

So, a big thanks to the fire department for controlling the fire quickly and for saving our home. We are very thankful.

Here is the story from the Arizona Daily Star.

Posted by Paul at July 14, 2005 09:29 PM


April and Paul-

Hey, you guys don't really know me, but I have meet April once at least. I am a friend of FeralBoy's (and Jen and Brian) from Philly. I am really glad your house, and the woofie, are alright!!

Super scary.


Posted by: Send513 at July 19, 2005 05:07 AM

I think I know who you are....um, do you have blond hair?

Thanks for the note of concern.

Posted by: April at July 21, 2005 08:13 AM

yup... short, blond hair.

We meet at Summersville (it's weird that I remember, not as a reflection on you, but because I never rememberer stuff like that!)


Posted by: Send513 at July 21, 2005 02:27 PM

o0o...Hey guys! Whew! That was a close one! Desert life is so exciting and unpredictable! I gotta get out there! Seriously though, I'm glad everything worked out...most importantly you got to Morgan...she's irreplaceable!

Posted by: matt's sis at August 1, 2005 03:55 PM

I tried to post this but I'm not sure if it went through...but, in any case...Whew, that was a close call! Life in the desert is so exciting and unpredictable! I gotta get out there!
Seriously though, I'm glad everything worked out, and that you got Morgan...she's just irreplaceable!

Posted by: matt's sis at August 1, 2005 08:41 PM

Hey thanks Laura.

So yeah - when are you moving out so we can all enjoy these desert adventures together?

Posted by: April at August 4, 2005 09:16 PM