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Plan B

For years we’ve dismissed Mt. Lemmon for out-of-town rock. Hueco Tanks in El Paso Texas, Priest Draw in Flagstaff in northern Arizona, Yosemite in California. Well this year was going to be different. With a week’s vacation lined up and the coronavirus underway, route climbing and camping on Mt. Lemmon was looking very attractive. That is…until this happened:

The Big Horn fire on Mt. Lemmon

Literally 5 days before go-time, the mountain shutdown. Time for Plan B:

Hitting the road, headed somewhere local….ish

Hello Jack’s Canyon! Limestone pocket-pulling gym-climbing in an outdoor setting anyone?

Unpopular Mechanics, 5.12d
It’s been over 10 years since we’ve climbed here. There’s a pit toilet now in the free dispersed camping area above the canyon. Luxurious!!
Everybody sends at Jack’s. Silas TR onsights Blackened, 5.10a
Quickly followed by Ivan and I
Ahhh, just what the soul needs right now

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