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On a roll

June 14th, 2020

We’ve got a bit of a routine going now that is quite nice, getting us out on rock regularly. Work, climb, chill, work, climb, chill…. Still cherishing the simplicity of schedule that this virus has brought us – another pandemic perk.

Paul on Tsunami, 5.12
Silas working his way up Waveos Rancheros, 5.10
Made it!

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Mt. Lemmon Fun

June 7th, 2020
Recovery Room, 5.10-
Pine in the Ass, 5.12
Rose Canyon Campground

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Gettin’ Out

May 31st, 2020
The Primus Wall, Mt. Lemmon AZ
Munchkinland, Mt. Lemmon AZ
The Steep, Mt. Lemmon AZ

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…and the route climbing persists

September 18th, 2019


climbing at The Murray Wall on Mt. Lemmon

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Route Climbing?

August 4th, 2019

We changed it up a bit this summer – bought a rope and tied in!  Here are some random shots from Mt. Lemmon. We’ve been heading up there and doing routes most weekends this summer. Climbing local is quite a treat…so easy!

Don’t get me wrong though – this mama is totally antsy to get back to the boulders ASAP!

The kids are really into this route-climbing business. Should I be worried? ;-)

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June 27th, 2010

Lots of exciting new happenings going on down here in this hot neck of the desert. First off, yes, it’s still over 100 degrees outside, which has been driving us to higher ground: Mt. Lemmon. Hiking, running, and now finally….drum roll please…ROUTE CLIMBING! Yes, boulderers, you heard me right. We’ve climbed routes now two weekends in a row, and we’re planning on doing more of the same next weekend….a route record for us over the last 5 or so years I’d say. We’ve decided that it’s just plain too hot to train hard outside on the woody, not to mention the nearby boulders. Also to make matter worse, our beloved cool pines of Flagstaff are dealing with some nasty fires. Ahh, alas the rope it is then. I have to admit, I am just a teensy bit excited to change it up.

Me wimpering up The Adventures of Nad & Huck, 5.9. Hey! It’s been a while people!

More wimpering

My boys with a front row seat for the wimpering

Matt showing off for wee Elaine (his 7 week newborn!) and wife Liz on Ain’t My First Rodeo, 5.11

Linda and her furry baby, Seana

The Seana looking very majestic

Trying to get Silas to take a nap in his “nest” at the crag

Wee Elaine

Silas & Liz

Hey no crashpads. This is kinda nice.

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Father’s Climbing Day

June 20th, 2010

For Paul’s first Father’s Day, I thought it might be a good idea to round up other fellow climbing fathers to spend the day climbing with, while us mamas looked after the babies. So Tom, Mia and Henry joined us up at The Helmet on Mt. Lemmon for some route climbing today. And we had fun!! …but I think I can speak for the fathers in that these two bouldering-boys need some more endurance! haha. :-)

The fathers getting serious to climb some routes: Tom & Paul

Mama and her baby: Mia & Henry

My baby: Silas

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Goin’ Vertical

July 22nd, 2009

“Goin’ Vertical.” This is Paul’s classic phrase when standing under a route climb, tied into the sharp end, ready to ascend. We’ve all heard it, we all know it. Classic Paul. Problem is, it’s been soooo long since we’ve put a rope on that this phrase seems a bit old-school….or “80’s” as our friend Mike so bluntly put it – hearing it for the first time last weekend. Ok, so maybe that’s a bit exaggerated. It’s been a while since we route climbed, but not decades. I think our last roped adventure was Indian Creek…3 or so years ago. In the grand scheme of things, that’s not so long…is it? Well, if you compare it to 9 months of pregnancy, yeah it seems like forever!!

Which brings me to the “Why.” Why routes now? Why ditch the bouldering and have to deal with the bothersome logistics of gear, ropes and oh-so-boring belaying? Why? Because this chickie here ain’t havin’ fun on the boulders no more – that’s why! 16+ extra pounds with a big ‘ol belly in the way of my hand-foot-matches and abs barely strong enough to sit myself up in bed at night is just plain crampin’ my style! Yeah, that’s why! Solution: My fancy new full-body harness* and route climbing…err, easy route climbing, that is. And top-roping of course. Now let’s just see how much longer this full-body harness will fit me and the bambino….

Paul on Delirious, 5.12a Mt. Lemmon, Arizona

Paul belaying Holly on just another Mt. Lemmon slab. Bored?

Me and the bambino hanging out under the Enchanted Tower, New Mexico

The Enchanted Tower, NM

Boulderers in route climbing gear! Gah! We’re not in Hueco anymore, Django. Mike (climbing), Jeff, Paul and Raquel

Mike sending Humpty Dumpty, 5.12a at the Enchanted Tower, NM

My Morgie

Morgan’s buddy Django

Mike cleaning Rubber Mission, 5.12b after Paul’s send of the extension to the top of the Tower, Mission Impossible, 5.12d

A view from the Tower down to our cozy little campsite (see the van?)

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* Note: For the non-climbers reading this blog, a full body harness secures the climber around the shoulders and legs verses the waist. Top-roping provides a method of climbing where you are secured to the rope at all times and do not fall when you let go from the wall. This allows the climber to continue to comfortably and safely exercise with zero impact to the belly.

Wigged Out

June 12th, 2005

Man…I’m so tired right now. I’m going to be quick and say that we had another awesome weekend. April’s father is in town visiting with us while doing business and we managed to squeeze in some time to head up to Mt. Lemmon today. We got in some awesome sport climbing and a little bouldering. Temperatures were perfect at 6500 feet! Vince and I got on a route called “Air Monsters 5.12a.” YIKES! I realized what many months of bouldering does to you…it makes you WIGGED out! Check out our photos but they don’t do the justice. Get on the route for yourself and see why it gets the name. It was sooooo much fun.

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Trad, Sport, Bouldering

June 7th, 2005

On Sunday we decided to stay local and hit up Mt. Lemmon. Courtney, Marcus, April and I headed up to Windy Point and spent the day mixing it up. We managed to do some trad, sport and bouldering all in the same day! Overall it was just a super fun day and we’ve decided to mix it up a lot more on future climbing trips. Perhaps we’ll set our sights on something like “ Levitation 29.” ha ha. Stay tuned.

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